Bambu Babe

Daily Care Bamboo Facial Pads

Proven to be better for your skin according to beauty experts, these reusable cotton pads can be extremely beneficial for your skin. These can be used multiple times and rinsed which is less abrasive to your skin. 
    • Each Daily Care pack contains
      • 10 luxurious bamboo face cleaning pads
      • 1 eco laundry bag
    • Suitable for daily skin care routines, cleansers, toners, masks, exfoliators and make-up removal
    • Made from buttery soft bamboo velvet which makes them extra gentle round your eyes
    • You'll never run out of facial rounds again, each facial pad can be used more than 200 times
    • Perfect 8cm size to make one round large enough for both your cleansing and toning but sized right for easy handling
    • Just like your current cotton rounds, except that instead of throwing them in the bin you give them a quick rinse
    • Soft pouch packaging makes them ideal for an overnight trip or your gym bag as well as for using at home

Bamboo Velvet Pads        

60% Bamboo, 20% Cotton, 20% Polyester

100% Cotton Eco Laundry Bag                                                                      

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