Come in. We can’t wait to get to know you.


Our Concept Beauty is redefining the landscape of the beauty industry.

Unbound by tired beauty concepts we unite beauty lovers under one, welcoming roof. Embracing all ages, backgrounds, colours and identities; we are better together. Beauty without limits.

We want to empower our community through self-expression. We want to share your stories and experiences. To educate and inspire. To give you the confidence to be totally, honestly you.


Our Concept Beauty is a beauty emporium like no other. The go-to place for all your beauty desires. Whoever you are, however you identify.

Our expertly-curated, luxury, beauty buys are inclusive, innovative and in-demand. Chosen for their honest, clean beauty, our carefully-selected brands support your complete well-being. 

With our expert beauty advice, Our Concept Beauty provides the essential guide to mindful skincare, haircare and beauty products. As brand and beauty experts, we cut through jargon, demystify beauty myths - and break down boundaries while we’re at it.

You are limitless. Your beauty products shouldn’t be limiting.


Today and every day, we will remind you that you are not defined by those tired concepts of beauty. It is our goal to empower you to feel totally, honestly you.

Our journey rests in your experiences. We want you to speak your truth. We want you to shape our path. Are you ready for the new era?

Together, we will break down barriers, through personal experiences and stories to become an inclusive, inspiring, and welcoming environment. 

What is your beauty story? Contact us today for a collaboration and a chance to be published in The Beauty Journal.  

We’re ready for you.